Death of a Frieind

March 5, 2011


This week I have lost two friends. Both I guess are considered deaths, but only one lost by physically dying. “Brit” Britton was 81 years old going on 25. She was the bright spot in any anyone’s day and THE biggest Seminole fan I have ever known. She LOVED her Seminoles. Brit and Wilma…they were together like peas in a pod. They joined our tailgate group oh, I don’t know, 10-12 years ago? We always called them “the ladies”. We traveled from South Florida to Maryland…all in our motorhomes, camping and eating around the campfire. In our “day” there would be as many as 16 people all gathered around, laughing, making predictions about the next game, talking about the next trip or the next meal. Brit was so active with her tennis club. So vital. One day 2 or 3? years ago, they were hit by a negligent driver-the day before they were to come to Tallahassee for the spring games. Both were badly injured. Wilma eventually came home, but Brit just never bounced back and she stayed in a facility until her death. My heart is broken for us of course, but mostly for Wilma who now has to face life alone. Even the last couple years, we all held out hope that Brit would struggle back and once again be there to tailgate with us. We tried to call her each home game from the stadium to tell her we were thinking of our “ladies”! I won’t let your memory fade Brit. I will find a way to always make your presence known to our dwindling group of fans who love your Seminoles too.

Now, the other “death”. Only I grieve over this one. A disagreement. Horrible words from this person I called friend. Someone not being the friend I wanted them to be. It is only my fault, because I believed the relationship to be much more than it was, or ever could have been. Silly me. I am disappointed in myself for not seeing the shallowness the other brought. But you live and learn. Even at 58. And while one death I can’t get over, because I will never hear Brit’s voice again, the other death really isn’t to be grieved because the love was so one sided. Brit loved me back.

Brit and Wilma taught me about friendship. True and everlasting friendship. Deep into your soul friendship. Loving friendship.

As we get older, friendships mean more and more. And as we get older, disagreements are easier to work through with a friend who has been there with you…through it all. The past few months have shown me who my true friends are. Trials and tribulations are part of life, and who you share those with are your true friends. If you are reading this, you know who you are my dear, dear friends. And if you don’t know me well, go hug a true friend….tight.

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