May 10, 2010


I have always said LIFE is a 4 letter word and all those bad four letter words usually describe certain time periods of our lives. A dear friend and I have frequent conversations about the state of the world. Many times we muse at how ridiculous things have become. It seems as if nobody is responsible for anything that happens to them anymore. Kids get lousy grades, it is the teachers fault, when in fact little Johnny hasn’t been disciplined for 8 years. Today, if a kid is a kid many parents rush them to the doctor to be put on medication for attention deficit disorder. How many of us 50+ year olds were holy terrors and at some point a designated family member took us over their knee and administered the 1950 version of Ritalin called a paddle? Seemed to work in my house! Parents are on information overload and the overload is finding someone else to be at fault. Hell, most of the parents are on Prozac or some other ¢â¬¦mood modifier¬ to replace booze during the day.

Here is the way I see it. Life can pretty much suck if you let it. I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes we get dealt a very stinky hand. If you have control of what happened, you can plow through and come out the other side battered and bruised maybe but alive. I imagine there are some who have gotten through life unscathed. I haven’t, but I am proud of my scars and I am not on a mood enhancer, or mood modifier. My theory is, if you hit rock bottom, you have something to push up from and you should be able to find the top-and oh that first breath when you reach the top is SO glorious! I can’t imagine going through life numbed up. When I hurt, its awful, but when it stops hurting, man does it feel good!

So many people spend their lives in a state of frantic fear, uncertainty or anger. And I realize that sometimes medication is needed. But we are not doing our young people any kind of favor by putting them on addictive drugs at 4 or 8 or while they are KIDS (again assuming there are a few who are ill and need it).

This is also evidenced in people taking lack of financial responsibility. What do you think kids learn when they see mom and dad run up bills, then just walk away through a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy? TV ads have people bragging about owing the IRS $250,000 but Company X got them out of all but $25,000? You too can screw your government! Wow! Great!

This might make some defensive, but please take it in the manner it is intended: understand that LIFE is a four letter word and treat it that way! Dylan Thomas said it best:Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

NOTE: My rants are general and NOT geared to anyone I know. Please don’t be offended or think I am ranting about you if you are my friend!GENERALIZATION for sure! NO offense meant. Of course I believe there are folks who NEED medications for depression etc this is a rant about society in GENERAL!!!

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