How to Handle Conflict in Groups or Clubs-Without Actual Bloodshed!

May 5, 2010

How to handle conflict in Groups or Clubs (without actual bloodshed)

Do you remember how it feels when you first join a group, club, or are asked to serve on a Board?

It is exhilarating and full of promise isnt? If you are just a member, and the organization is fairly organized and running it is an enjoyable experience. If you like to be really involved, and become part of the framework, as an officer or board member, the way you view the organization can change-and sometimes not for the better!

Being “in the know” is sometimes not the most enjoyable experience. In-fighting, back-stabbing, whining and complaining are just but a few problems that can crop up if you are an officer or board member.

Recently I was admonished for saying a four letter word that could have been replaced with scat (a waste product produced in the digestive tract), but I was in my story telling mode and it just slipped out there. well, even with 40 adults in the room, ONE naturally had to be offended! Instead of speaking to me about it at the end of the meeting, the parent organization was called. oh my! This wasnt a PTA meeting folks and the people that I previously thought of as family are now to be regarded as foe because I have now been “called down for BAD language and dont have a clue who was offended! (Do these complainers ever go to the movies or God-forbid turn on their TVs??)

While I may offend someone with a naughty word now and again, what about the “Christians” who either blame or praise God for every second of every day in their life and expect me to listen to their religious beliefs? Unless I missed something, how is this not as offensive as a four letter word describing what we all do once or twice a day anyway? (That was supposed to make you laugh.)

So, how to handle this quagmire? Laugh at the insanity and move on. My point is, we are all adults here. Buck up.

One Response to “How to Handle Conflict in Groups or Clubs-Without Actual Bloodshed!”

  1. Jeryl Matlock

    You would think they’d just be able to look up underneath the salty language and see the brilliance, but nooooo…. Thanks for a very much-needed laugh!!