Entries from May 2010


May 23, 2010

FRIENDS Mark Hinson is one of my favorite writers in the Democrat. He always makes me FEEL something when I read his articles. Today he wrote about attending the funeral of a High School friend and I found it ironic, that today I too was going to say goodbye to a friend who had just […]


May 10, 2010

LIFE I have always said LIFE is a 4 letter word and all those bad four letter words usually describe certain time periods of our lives. A dear friend and I have frequent conversations about the state of the world. Many times we muse at how ridiculous things have become. It seems as if nobody […]

How to Handle Conflict in Groups or Clubs-Without Actual Bloodshed!

May 5, 2010

How to handle conflict in Groups or Clubs (without actual bloodshed) Do you remember how it feels when you first join a group, club, or are asked to serve on a Board? It is exhilarating and full of promise isnt? If you are just a member, and the organization is fairly organized and running it […]

Social Media Responsibility

May 3, 2010

Social Media Responsibility Facebook has truly changed the world as many of us “old codgers” would say. I encourage all of my friends my age to get on board and sign up. We dont want to be left behind! I have read several articles in the last six months or so that discuss social behaviors […]